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The 52nd Street Band: How it Began and Where We are Now

It all started in a garage on a hot summer night in 2015. Neighbors gathered in the driveway (a pre-COVID driveway party) to listen to some of the guys from our 52nd Street Gang play music. Little did we know that we had a singer in our gang and enjoyed several hours of music and singing. More neighbors heard the noise and wandered over for the show.

After the jam session the 52nd Street Band was formed. For the next several years we played private parties under homes and in backyards on and around 52nd Street. Mostly for major holiday weekends. The crowd size increased with every gig and we developed a following.

Today you can find us playing local clubs, private parties, benefits, community events and venues in the Oak Island/Southport area.

Meet the Members of The 52nd Street Band

Check out our bios on the Band page and be sure to say hello when you come to one of our shows.


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